"A-level Chemistry: The hard bits" courses coming soon

Hi, I'm Gemma.

I've been an A-level Chemistry and Biology tutor for 10 years. 

In that time I've worked with hundreds of students and built up thousands of hours of experience. I’ve seen the mistakes they’re making that cost them the grades, and I know the changes they’ve made and the skills they’ve developed to allow them to overcome their struggles.

Plus, I’ve been there myself. I went from getting Cs in science at GCSE to straight As at A-Level, then a first class honours degree and a Masters degree.

I didn’t become any smarter or any more naturally gifted at science. What I did do is work very hard at figuring out how to study, learnt the basic skills that helped me make sense of everything, and learnt how to think like a scientist so that I could make sense of even the most difficult exam question and answer it in a way that would get me the marks.

This is what I teach my students and this is the approach I take in the resources available here.

Available Products

A-level Chemistry: basic skills course (FREE!)

Sign up for this free course and build the skills you need to make sense of the more difficult content and succeed with A-level Chemistry.

A-level Chemistry: The hard bits (year 2)

Learn the difficult parts of the AQA A-level Chemistry specification (year 2). Coming soon.

Guide to learning the A-level Chemistry organic reactions

A package to help you learn the A-level Chemistry organic reactions. 

Includes a framework to make your learning easier, a worksheet to complete for each reaction, and a list of the reactions you need to know for AQA A-level Chemistry.

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