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A-level Chemistry: basic skills course (FREE!)

Chemistry is one of those subjects where you can't really do much unless you've got a solid understanding of the basics.

Unfortunately, this is where a lot of students go wrong.

They jump straight in and try to tackle the hard stuff, like back titrations, without really understanding the reactions that are taking place.

Or, they assume that the formula for sodium sulfate is NaSO4 and mess up their full balanced equation, so that their mole ratio is wrong and it all goes down hill from there. 

Or, pretty much every single calculation they do comes out slightly wrong, even though their method is correct, and they can't figure out why

Does this sound familiar?

If you want to make sense of the hard stuff, start with the basics

In my 10 years of being a private tutor, I've found that most A-level Chemistry students who struggle are being held back by weaknesses in the basic skills, which you need to make sense of everything in Chemistry. 

But they often don't realise that it's the basics that are causing the problem, so they never get to the bottom of it, and never quite get the grades that they'd be capable of otherwise.

So let's make sure you don't fall into that trap

I've identified the basic skills that I see A-level Chemistry students struggling with most often and put together this FREE course, which will help you build the strong foundation that you need. You can complete the whole course in a day if you get your head down and crack on with it, but you'll need to remember what I teach you and keep applying the methods if you want to see improvements.

What we'll cover in this course

This course includes videos, quizzes, worksheets and written tutorials covering the following:

  • Revision of the very basics from GCSE that still cause problems at A-level
  • Common polyatomic ions - formulae and charges
  • Balancing equations the easy way - so you can stop being scared of having to do it
  • The reactions of acids and formulae of salts - no-one seems to be confident with these
  • Unit conversions - I know you've multiplied when you should have divided at some point in the past
  • How to approach calculation questions - I'll teach you the method I use to make sense of even the most difficult calculation questions (and I'll show you how to deal with those titration questions where you seem to have a lot of volumes)
  • Bonus - If you kindly write me a testimonial for the course, I'll send you a cheat sheet with my top 40 tips for A-level Chemistry.

Start sorting your Chemistry problems out for FREE

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